Dear Camposol Journal,


I would just like to say how grateful I am to Debbie, she has really made such a difference to my life.


Whilst at the market, I was intrigued by Water Filter stall. I got talking to Debbie, a lovely lady. She was giving free advice to people about the condition of the local water supply, and how a water filter can be of benefit to you in a number of different ways.


As a lady of advancing years, and I find it increasingly difficult to get around, especially in summer. I was finding it harder to move heavy bottles of water from the supermarket to the car, and then from the car to my house. Storage was then a problem, as the bottles take up lot of room.


My husband, who is in poor health, can’t help me carry these bottles. I have recently, really started to feel the strain, not only transporting the bottles, but also, having to dispose of the empties. Debbie explained to me the damage that these bottles are doing to the environment and then went on to explain the benefits of having a water filter fitted to my water supply. No more having to carry any big, heavy bottles, no storage problems, and, it would save me money too!


I was slightly dubious at first, as some people I know have had water filters fitted in the past by other companies and it seems they have still suffered with lime scale in their kettle and iron. Debbie assured me that this was not the case with her filter, as it has new special “anti-scale technology”. I was assured that, if, after a week of having it fitted, I wasn’t happy, or had any lime scale in my kettle, they would give me a full refund. 4 weeks on and I’m over the moon! This Filter system of theirs really does a splendid job. She told me that this filter also removes 99.99% of the bacteria and 98% of the chlorine, which is where the bad taste and odours comes from.


The filter takes up hardly any space under my sink and is not in the way at all. The icing on the cake for me was the low, value for money cost of the system. The whole system, including all the bits and bobs and a lovely chrome tap was only 60€. The filter changes are also so economical, only 50€ a year. This is broken down into two 6 monthly payments of 25€.That means that I can have all the fresh, clean water that I need for just over a euro a week, and never carry a water bottle again!


I strongly recommend that anyone who still buys their water in bottles to give Debbie a call. I’m sure that she will be happy to help, and change your life they way that they have changed mine.


Paula. M.

Mazarron. Murcia

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