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Pureflo* Carbon Block Filter        

Carbon Block Water Filter – Chlorine Water Filter
The Carbon Block Water Filter System removes over 99% of Chlorine plus Herbicides, Pesticides, Perfluoro-octyl Sulfonates (PFOS), Sand, Silt, Rust & other particulates, while leaving the essential salts and minerals, that are important for good health to make your drinking water clear, clean & fresh – like bottled water.
Chlorine gives your water an unpleasant taste and odour but once removed, you’ll find that you enjoy drinking water again.
This filter offers maximum absorption of Chlorine and other chemicals due to the large surface area that is approximately 14 times greater than the normal granular GAC water filters and not subject to channeling which is a common cause of failure for regular GAC filters. After removing these chemicals, your water is left clear and fresh and a pleasure to drink.

The filter has a nominal 3 micron rating and can remove more than 99% of free Chlorine plus Herbicides, Pesticides, Oestrogen, Organic Chemicals, Trihalomethanes, Benzene, Aluminum, Lead, Perfluoro-octyl Sulfonates (PFOS), Turbidity: Discoloration, Sand, Silt, Rust and other particulates and chemicals found in your drinking water, leaving it crystal clear and fresh.

These filters are NSF certified.

 The Carbon block is made by Pentair . Pentair is a leading provider of water solutions addressing the world’s water scarcity issues and delivering quality drinking water to homes, businesses and communities. Pentair is a leading component and equipment provider in the global marketplace for treating air, gas, water and other fluids and water and fluid filtration and separation. The business serves a variety of markets, including commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, and energy. Products range from pressure vessels, to filtration systems, various filtration media, and separation technologies and related components

Along with EPDWA (European Point of Use Drinking Water Association) we Recommend that All drinking water filters are changed every 6 months:

Point 6 in the EPDWA operating guidelines:

” The epdwa guidelines state that all pou filters are changed once every 6 months (+/- 10%), irrespective of some manufacturers claiming a longer life. This is to avoid the build up of bacteria inside the filter.”

Please Click on the link below to watch a video showing you:

 VIDEO:How To Change Your Drinking Water Filter

WHEN ORDERING: PLEASE SEE if it is the NEW fitting or the OLD fitting that you require. 

You Will need the new Fitting if you Have a white Canister and Body:

You will need the OLD fitting if you have a grey canister with blue lid:

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