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For the Double system :Be sure to Follow the above diagram.

This Video shows you how to install a Pureflo water filter:

Click : How To Install Pureflo Water Filter to see a video on Installing a single drinking water filter. For the dual system follow the same instructions, then do the same again.

The installation is different for Spain as we do not have copper piping. Please read below for Spanish installation or contact us for more information.

1. Find the cold water line beneath the sink.
2. Shut off cold water supply by turning the cold water shut-off clockwise. This is
usually under the sink, but can be at another location.
3. Open a faucet to  verify that the water has been shut off.
4. After verifying that the water is shut off, unscrew the flexi hose under the sink.
5.Attach the Tee piece between the flexi hose and the cold water supply.
And then continue as per the video.

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