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This Video shows you how to install a Pureflo water filter:

Click : How To Install Pureflo Water Filter to see a video on Installing a single drinking water filter.

The installation is different for Spain as we do not have copper piping. Please read below for Spanish installation or contact us for more information.

Click  here for instructions with photos:

Fitting instructions in english with Pics

Instalacion en EspaNol con fotos


Fitting Instructions:


  1. Locate chrome tap around the back edge of the sink, ensuring the end of tap is over the sink.
  2. Drill 12mm hole in chosen location, (Drill a pilot hole with a 6mm drill bit, then follow with a 12mm drill bit) install and secure chrome tap.
  3. Turn off cold water supply. Disconnect flexi hose from cold tap at the stop cock end. Fit the connection valve to the stopcock then reconnect flexi hose to the outlet on the connection valve.
  4. Locate and install filter kit on the side of the sink base unit.
  5. Push blue tube into input end of filter head and blue tube into output end of the filter head. These fittings are self sealing: Test by trying to gently pull the pipe away from the fitting.
  6. Turn cold water supply back on and Open chrome tap on the sink.
  7. Before use run the chrome tap for 30 seconds to flush the system. There may be some bubbles but this is just air which will settle. For best performance always run until “chill to touch”.



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