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is a  environmentally friendly water filter company. We  Prevent bottled water plastic waste and pollution. We supply and install (in certain areas*)  Great tasting drinking water for the whole family at a fraction of the cost of Systems. We work with the World’s first provider of refillable cartridges, no plastic waste.  Our systems are the most environmentally friendly systems  available!!



We work with the some of the world leaders in water filtration to provide you with the best products at the best price. We work with Pureflo products who are supply Global companies and leaders in their field. Pureflo is used by Nestle, Eden Springs and even in Kenco coffee machines!


Debbie has over 10 years experience in the water filter industry in Spain. She has sold over 3500 Filter Kits up and down the coast!. So if you  have any questions please do not hesitate to contact her, as she really is a fountain of knowledge!

The Cheaper way to buy Genuine, Branded Filters for your under sink filter system at VERY reasonable Prices.

Don’t compromise on Quality; With us you get the BEST quality at the BEST price”

Save €€€’s Without Compromising on Quality.

WaterFiltersSpain are introducing a new way to buy your filters. Buy them direct from us, and change them yourselves, at your convenience.

“IF you can change a light bulb, you can change a filter!”

Click here to see: How to change a Water Filter

It is now even easier with our NEW 1/4 Turn Pureflo Drinking water filter

see our recommended system   by clicking below:

Click here for our Recomended HIGH SPec system

Video coming soon. . .

Paying too much to have your filters changed?

Buy them direct from us, at a Lower price! And save your money whilst help  saving the planet!

No need to buy, Carry or Store Bottled water!
Bottle Quality Water On TAP!!! 


It takes over 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill site!



It is Smarter, Cheaper and Greener to have an Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System!

At this point in time, there is simply no better choice-for purity and economy-than filtered tap water.

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